Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Post - I'm joining the blog community

Hi all!

I thought I'd try my hand at this blogging thing. I've been stalking a bunch of really funny ladies for about a year now and decided I should come out of the shadows and join the ranks.

Here's my story:
About a year and a half ago my husband's work was having a Christmas party. I decided since I had just had a baby about 4 months prior that I deserved a new outfit for our first overnight "date" since the baby. So I ventured out to buy some new pants for the occasion and realized that I no longer fit into the 16Ws that I wore before I got pregnant. Nor did I fit into 18W. Nope. But I did fit into 20Ws. Oh happy day.

I decided that day that I would never buy another pair of pants that size again. Ever. So I joined Weight Watchers three days later. Why did I join WW three days before the Christmas party you ask? I have no idea. I was desperate. I decided my goal would be 64 pounds. That would bring me from the 224 where I started to 160. I figured I'd be comfortable with that.

So over the next several months I was very strict with myself - and the pounds came off...and so did the points! But I kept going...and going. And by August I had reached my goal!

Over the next several months I decided I'd keep trying to lose and see if I could lose 5 more pounds. When I got there I challenged myself to lose 5 more. And 5 more. And by November I had lost another 20 pounds. And that's where I've been since then.

So why am I making a weight loss blog? I'm not trying to lose any more weight.

But I am trying to maintain. And maintenance is just as hard, if not harder than losing. There's so much psychological turmoil involved that I needed an outlet. My husband is probably sick of hearing about it, although he'd never say it God bless him. My friends who are trying to lose weight certainly don't want to hear about it. So I figured maybe whoever's reading this does!

Anyway, I guess that's enough for my first post. I'll see you all again...maybe tomorrow.

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